About Us

Trustworth Attorneys is a law firm established and existing under the Law of Contract Act and registered under the Business Names Registration Act, with our business offices located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Trustworth Attorneys over the year has acquired experience in providing composite legal services to its clients include;

  • Banks and Commercial institutions.
  • Insurance Companies.
  • Property developers and Contractors.
  • Individual Businessmen & entrepreneurs.
  • Mining Companies.
  • Multi-National Companies.
  • Societies & Associations (Cooperative, Professional Religious & NGOs)

The firm is growing progressively and over a short period of time it comprises of 14 staffs. Our team encompasses four (4) Partners of which three of them have already been admitted to the bar, four (4) Practising Associate Partners and other Six (6) supporting staffs. All partners are highly acquainted with variety of law related matters, since they have been working with various law firms and business entities before Trustworth Attorneys came into place. Being composed of young, energetic and well exposed team with strong and diverse experiences, Trustworth Attorneys provides a focused legal service of the highest calibre in an industry.

Our areas of expertise includes, Commercial/Mercantile Law, Banking and Finance, Mining and Energy, Contract Law, Taxation, Employment Relations, Privatization, Litigation, Probate and Administration of Estate, Adoptions, Land Law (Conveyances and Mortgages and Perfections), Criminal Law, Insurance Law, Environmental Law, Receivership and Debt Collection. The firm has established practicing groups and the leading partner of each practice group in establishing the highest professional standard and competence in a particular field. In fact our motto is to ensure quality and excellence in realm of customer satisfaction, leadership, strategic and benchmarking.

Vision & Mission

Since legal practice is an honorable profession of high caliber and nobility, we are continually aware of our dual obligation to vigorously represent our clients and maintain the honor & dignity of our justice system.We are committed to create a world where member of the bar are trustworthy and whose first interest is the personal & financial well being of their clients.

General Approach

Our approach is simple. We always strive to provide our clients with the highest quality services in a timely manner. We appreciate that our clients need responsive, inventive and accurate lawyers, who not only assist in the provision of legal services, but a myriad of related matters.
Our approach is to provide accurately, timely and best possible services that assist in the success and growth of our client’s development.