Land Law

TRUSTWORTH ATTORNEYS comprises a number of professionals well versed with practical aspects of Land Law in Tanzania and other jurisdictions. Among the areas our firm is so acquainted with includes;


In this respect, essentially we deal with disposition of land. Our firm is having individuals who are conversant with all applicable procedures in each and every aspect of conveyancing. We advise and assist our clients from the commencement of a transfer process/disposition of land and all the procedure that follows until the same is approved by the commissioner for lands.


The firm has a vast experience on drafting legal mortgages on behalf of our clients. Besides, we normally provide legal services on mortgage and financing issues such as registration and perfection of the property mortgaged, conducting due diligence/official search on the property to be mortgaged, site verification for the property to be mortgaged, advice financial institution on the validity of the property to be mortgaged or its encumbrances if any and the consequences thereof etc.


We provide consultation and assist our clients to draft lease agreements, joint venture agreement on development of land.


The law on Unit Titles seems to be very new in some jurisdiction and particularly in Tanzania. However, Trustworth Attorneys has a number of professionals who are well trained in this aspect. We consult our clients on how the law regulates Unit Titles, procedures on obtaining the same and provides legal opinion on the crons and prons of having such Unit Title’s in Tanzania and anywhere else.

We provide professional legal services on how foreigner’s can acquire land in Tanzania, since most of our staffs are very conversant on this aspect. We consult and assist our clients on the procedures to be followed and requirement to be met by foreigners in acquiring land, assisting client to get residential permit, etc.


Also apart from handling conveyancing and other land related matters, the firm is also proud of having successfully litigation status in respect to land related cases and disputes. We advise our clients on the dispute resolution mechanisms, proper court to claim their rights and the applicable procedures and representing them when they are in need etc.


The firm in providing services to Clientele inter alia offers the following services.

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