Our Values

         Unique Advantages over the Firm

  • Trustworth Attorneys encourages all Partners, Associates and Legal Officers to attend legal education and trainings that are relevant to the legal profession. Besides, we egg on our team to conduct researches on various aspect of law in sharpening their legal skills.
  • Our law firm is well equipped sheltered by a favourable environment that encompasses various working facilities such as standby generators, enough computers, conference room, library, trained secretaries and administrators along with other equipments which enable the firm to execute assignments competently & timely in meeting our client’s demands.
  • The firm protects clients confidentiality and avoid conflict of interest among clients whenever arises.
  • Use of dedicated webmail system, computer sharing system with high speed modern server connected, which is supported by a reliable and efficient internet service provider and maintained by an efficient and well trained IT.
  • That our firm is composed of various promising legal counsels who are capable of defending and prosecuting various cases on behalf of our clients.
  • Works carried out for our client are normally assigned to staffs having an appropriate level of training and experience for the same.
  • Our legal fee depends on the nature of the claim.
  • Retainer’s fee can be arranged for Non Contentious matters in respect to clients who has a lot of commercial transactions or other issues that needs legal experts.
  • Office payment can be done by way of a transfer or cheque.
  • Clients account to keep the clients money.